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Audubon Hills Association (AHA!)

Est. 1968

CC&Rís, county rules, and regulations

1.† What makes Audubon Hills different than other homeowner associations?

†††† The main difference is that we donít have CC&Rís (Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions).† These are rules governed by community board members, and if the rules arenít followed, the residents may have to go through fines, arbitration, mediation, and litigation.† (Remember the yellow house scenario down the hill?)† Many of our residents have moved from neighboring communities with CC&Rís, to enjoy a CC&R free life.† When the idea has been brought up at meetings to get CC&Rís, itís quickly voted down, and made as record that this will not happen.

2.†† How do rules get enforced?

††††† Again, the main rule is common sense.† As long as you have that, youíll fit in just fine.† Other than that, the only rules that govern this community are county, state , and federal laws.† When problems arise, AHA will help direct residents to the appropriate entity to insure their rights and peace of life are respected.† For a listing of basic laws that have been asked about, click here.

3.††† Is there crime, in Audubon Hills?

†††††† Unfortunately, crime is everywhere, but our community has the advantage an AWESOME Neighborhood Watch program.† With one entrance and exit into this community, and neighbors that look out for one another, criminals have been caught.† Once they are, this community bans together, to insure they are punished to the fullest extent to the law.† Further deterring future criminals.† Click here for further information on our Neighborhood Watch Program.

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