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Audubon Hills Association (AHA!)

Est. 1968

AHA! Information

1.† How does Audubon Hills stay so nice?

††††† That would be AH community volunteers that have a passion for keeping things safe and as simple as possible; using common sense, and an eye towards working for the greater good of the community.† The way life used to be.Do we have CC&Rís, no.† The area stays nice because most residents want to keep it that way, and if there are problems, we have local and county regulations that work just fine.

2. Are there community meetings?

††††† Yes, there is one meeting a year for AHA!, normally in June.† There are six meetings a year for AHCSD (your road committee). You can find when these meeting are, on our AHA! Calendar.

3.†† Are there dues in Audubon Hills?

††††† Yes, AHA! has voluntary $25 dues due each YEAR.† Yes folks, only $25!† Dues are due June 15 of every year.† This small amount does so much, specially when you consider neighboring associations charge upwards of $200 a month. Additionally thereís a small fee paid for AHCSD, that you will see on your taxes, and is explained below.

4.† Whatís the difference between AHA! (Audubon Hills Association) and AHCSD (Audubon Hills Community Services District?

†††††† AHCSD is responsible for all road related issues.† Itís a publicly elected board, through the county elections office.† Only AH residents are on the board, and they receive no money or benefits for their time on the board, other than making sure we have good roads.† The CSD is funded by a portion of the property taxes and a special assessment fee to all AH parcels of $75.† This special fee has helped immensely, especially in tight years when the State decides to hold back the property tax portion.† This special fee, so far, cannot be taken away or borrowed from the state.† Go to the AHCSD page for more information.

†††††† AHA is responsible for things like community activism (website, newsletters, annual meetings, fire safety, annual community dumpsters, etc.), neighborhood watch, and beautification.† In the beginning, there had been one group for all things. However, when the CSD was formed, they decided to break up the responsibilities.

5.†† Is there crime, in Audubon Hills?

†††††† Unfortunately, crime is everywhere, but our community has the advantage an AWESOME Neighborhood Watch program.† With one entrance and exit into this community, and neighbors that look out for one another, criminals have been caught.† Once they are, this community bans together, to insure they are punished to the fullest extent to the law.† Further deterring future criminals.† Click here for further information on our Neighborhood Watch Program.

6.†† How are the roads kept up so nice in Audubon Hills?

†††††† That would be from the efforts of our Audubon Hills Community Services District, which is a group of elected Audubon Hills volunteers.Click here for further information on this group.

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