Where birds of a feather flock together.

Audubon Hills Association (AHA!)

Est. 1968

AHA! Dues and Products

Cash/check discount= $25

                $25 mail to P.O. Box 631, Camino, CA 95709


PayPal online payment=$26

Annual $25 Dues
Due every year on June 15.

· These are window cling stickers, not permanent.

· No identifying marks, for people outside of the area to know where you live.

· These are a Neighborhood Watch tool, that let’s neighbors know who lives in here and who does not.   

· Install on the left side of your back window or on your left back side window. 


These are free to be installed on any residents vehicle that lives in Audubon Hills.

Neighborhood Watch Car Stickers

e-mail here to get your sticker

Blackbarri (spelled wrong) is the only street in Audubon Hills not named after a bird, because someone slipped the name in.

Blackbarri Drive

Reflective address sign.

These signs are recommended by ALL emergency personal, so they can find your house, day, night, in inclement weather, or in smoke.  This is the style chosen by the community, to stay consistent throughout the community, and so emergency personal knows what to look for. When ordering remember to get…Brown and vertical positioning.   Currently they are $22 + shipping.

Highly Reflective Address Signs-Purchased at an outside company.

Dues pay for this website, a community dumpster, benches like the one to the right that was dedicated in 2003 to Walter Haefele (see it on Audubon Dr @ Kittywake), Neighborhood Watch stickers, newsletters, flower bulbs, signs, and more!  Quite a deal for only $25 a year!

Text Box: Audubon Hills Association (AHA!)
P.O. Box 631
Camino, CA  95709