Where birds of a feather flock together.

Audubon Hills Association (AHA!)

Est. 1968

AHA! Minutes, Newsletters, & Bylaws


 These community meetings have been held every year since 1968.

 We currently have digital copies back to 2000.†

 These are DETAILED minutes, for those that couldnít attend meetings, but want to be informed of whatís going on in the community.

 Itís recommended that all residents to read whatís going on, and whatís happened in the past.

Annual Association Meeting Minutes

Community meeting.
Text Box: Audubon Hills Association (AHA!)
P.O. Box 631
Camino, CA  95709

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 These newspapers are an excellent source for finding whatís going on, or will be going on, in the our AHA! community.

 Newsletters started going out to the community in 2000.† Previous to this date, residents would get a letter with their dues request, but people wanted more.

 The newsletters provide meeting information, community calendars, and NW suggestions.

AHA! Newsletters

Tanager is one of the Audubon Hills streets named after birds.

Tanager Lane