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Wildlife Resistant Products

Most requirements are for Tahoe area, but we are starting to have the same issues, and it would be prudent for us to follow the same guidelines, BEFORE it gets worse.

Thrush is one of the Audubon Hills streets named after birds.

Thrush Lane

Some residents already have this can, and the representative came out to our community meeting a few years ago.  So far, they’ve worked great.

This is for regular cans to get stored away.  You may need two, one for up at the house, one for down at the road.

Keeps flowers and plants in, and deer out.

Coyote Roller is great for keeping dogs in your yard and wildlife out.  Installs on fence or deck rails.

Great to have to deter bears on your property, or for protection when taking walks.

The above manufacturers or products were suggestions found at the  Keep Me Wild™ Campaign.

These products are not endorsed or recommended by them or Audubon Hills Association.

Please do your own research and education before deciding to purchase and use any of these products.