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Dog Specific Laws

There have been many complaints over the years about barking dogs, but the most dangerous of dog problems is loose dogs.† All dogs must be in a run or fenced in area on YOUR PROERTY.† Your friendly dog, is very different when running the streets and coming up to other dogs.† This is a big problem when people are walking their dogs on a leash, and a dog runs up to them aggressively.† A few have been pushed into the oncoming traffic!

Pepper Spray-This is the best thing to bring with you, when taking a walk.† Itís what postal workers use, and it was recommended to us from Animal Control.† A dog will quickly stop aggressively coming to walkers, if this happens.

1.† Dog running at large.

††††† Code: 6.12.070 Running at Large Prohibited. No person owning or having control of any animal, shall permit such animal, to stray or run at large upon any unenclosed public or private lot or other unenclosed public or private place in the county.† Owners of dogs must keep their dogs confined to their property in an enclosed area or on a leash at all times. 

† ††††††††††††††† Leash: Any animal other than working animal shall be confined by the owner or his agent on a leash of not more than ten feet (10') in length during any time the animal is removed from an enclosed private lot or enclosed private place.

† ††††††††††††††† In heat: Each female dog in heat, i.e., season, will be confined in an enclosed area in such a manner that the female dog cannot come in contact with another animal except for a planned breeding.

† ††††††††††††††† At Large: Any person may take up and deliver to the animal control officer any animal at large upon the person's private property.

† ††††††††††††††† Enclosed area: An owner or keeper of a dog, who willfully suffers it to go at large, or keeps it without ordinary care, and the animal while at large off the owner's or keeper's property bites a person, engages in behavior that requires a person to take defensive action to prevent physical injury, or which inflicts injury, kills, or otherwise causes injury to any domestic animal, is guilty of a misdemeanor. (This means a dog must be in a run or fenced in area.† This can be any sized enclosed area, your whole property could be fenced in, just as long as the dog is not roaming loose off of your property).



2.† Barking Dogs - Click here for solutions

††††† Code: 6.12.060 Animals Disturbing the Peace.† It is unlawful and a public nuisance for any animal to be allowed, permitted or caused to utter any frequent or continuous noise of an irritating or raucous nature which disturbs the peace and quiet of any person. If such nuisance is continuous and no person having custody or control of the animal can be located, the animal control officer may attempt to abate the nuisance, as long as he/she is not required to enter into an enclosed building or residence. If the nuisance cannot be abated by any other means, the animal may be impounded. A notice of impoundment shall be affixed to the premises from which the animal was removed and also sent to the registered owner. The notice will state rights of the owner to reclaim the animal in accordance with the provisions of this title, including the payment of fees as established through resolution passed by the board of supervisors. (Ord. 3446 ß4 (part), 1984)


††††† Reporting:


††††††††††††††† Dogs barking during the day, contact Animal Control at 621-5795 and provide the physical address where the dog is located. Animal Control initially responds to these complaints with a letter to the owner advising him that a complaint has been made, and provides educational materials on why dogs bark and actions the owner can take that might alleviate the barking.

††††††††††††††† Dogs barking at night, this is more of a challenging to deal with. The Sheriff's Office may be called to report a dog barking at night, if there are no emergencies they may respond.† However they normally will only respond if Animal Control has already sent a warning letter and has visited the property. The El Dorado County Sheriff's Dispatch can be reached at their non emergency number at (530) 621-6600. The officer must witness the dog barking to issue a notice of violation.


In the event of a second or third complaint, an Animal Control officer may be sent out to the location to provide additional education and enforcement to the dog owner. A warning notice may be posted on the door if the animal owner is not present. The Animal Control officer must witness the barking in order to issue a notice of violation (written warning).† Itís always best to make a record of when the barking happens most, so they know when to come out.


Please Note: Every animal noise case is different, and some are more difficult to resolve than others. It may take several complaints before you notice a difference. Your patience and persistence are greatly appreciated! ††††††


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