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Living with Deer, Skunks, and Mosquito’s









· West Nile Info Line 530-642-4WNV (4968)

· Report Dead Bird  1-877-WNV-BIRD (1-877-968-2473)


El Dorado County Agriculture has great information on the skunk.

· Skunks can spray multiple times, up to 1o’.

· They are the primary carrier of rabies in CA.

· Same rule applies to skunks, take pet food in, harvest gardens immediately, keep garbage locked up.

· Seal up all holes under homes.

· Put 1/4” screening/small mesh fencing under low decks.

· Properly fence in chickens and eggs.  They eat both, and through the fence.

Purchase…To remove skunk smell…

Natures Miracle Skunk Order Remover is magic.  Several residents have used this and it’s HIGHLY recommended to have a bottle on hand for when you or your pet get’s sprayed.  It’s not perfume, but natural enzymes work at breaking down the smell.  Don’t use sparingly, but spray on liberally to get the best results.  Can be found at most pet stores.  Can be used on pets, cloths, furniture, almost everything!

Make...To remove skunk smell from pets or yourself…

If you didn’t buy the Natures Miracle, before your pet or yourself was sprayed, here’s a great alternate recipe.  You probably have most items listed to make it!

Mix the following ingredients together:

1 tsp. of dish soap or liquid soap (Dawn works great)

1/4 cup of sodium bicarbonate (or baking soda)

1 qt. of hydrogen peroxide (3 percent) or vinegar.


· Mix all at once (if you use vinegar, be prepared that it and the baking soda will foam up quite a bit.  Think volcano in the school science project.)

· Once mixed, shampoo your pets coat, rubbing it in thoroughly.

· Follow with a rinse of cool water.

· Repeat a couple of times to get the smell completely out.

· Do not let the mixture sit too long; it's best to use it soon after it's mixed.

Old Wives Tale

Bathing in tomato juice, spraying orange or lemon citrus, or Fabreze does not work.  They may temporarily mask the smell (we’re talking just a few minutes) but you need to use one of the two above, if you want it gone permanently.