Where birds of a feather flock together.

Audubon Hills Association (AHA!)

Est. 1968

An excellent paper on the history and evolution of Audubon Hills land and community

Audubon Hills History

New to the neighborhood?  WELCOME!!!  Click here important information for new neighbors.

New Neighbor Letter

AHA! = community information safety.  AHCSD = Roads.

What’s the difference between AHA! and AHCSD?

AHA! does not have any CCR’s.


Residents do have to adhere to county rules and regulations.

Local Laws and Regulations  of  note

AHA! Neighborhood Info., Facts, & History

Magpie is one of the Audubon Hills streets named after birds.

Magpie Lane

Laws regarding a dogs place in the County

Dog Specific Ordinances

A short informational about Camino Post Office and the evolution of El Dorado County Postal System

Camino Post Office History

This website, a community dumpster, benches, flowers, signs, and more...all for your $25 a year!

Audubon Hills Annual $25 Dues due June 15